Love H.E.R.; Wellness



My mentorship promise to you:


It is my pleasure and duty to provide you with support, structure, and motivation you need to stay connected and committed to this journey and to yourself. I will help guide you in decision making and that serves YOU and in making choices that lead to empowerment and self love.


This is your journey and no one else’s. The path we create together will be a complete customized, transformational self-love path specific to your goals. We will practice frequent and ongoing reflections to ensure your your needs are always being met through this evolutionary journey – this path will be a fluid journey adapting and reflecting the progress you are making.


I will help arm you with the tools + practices that you will need to begin to trust yourself again and listen to your intuition. You will carry these practices and tools with you even after we finish our work on this journey. These are lifelong tools to support you in making choices true to yourself and aligned with self love and confidence.

Our 1:1 What to Expect

I work with women, privately, in a 3-month program. As a private client, each session is unique to you. We dive deep into what you bring to the table and find what is at the root of where you may be stuck in your life, and what you desire most. As you experience breakthroughs in these sessions, you will also receive tools to take consistent action toward breakthroughs, allowing for transformation to happen.

If you are a woman ready for this soul shifting work, book a discovery call to see if we are a fit to work together. You’ll learn the flow of the sessions, all bonuses and gifts, and the investment for this journey.

Weekly Sessions

Video call sessions once a week over the course of the following 3 months. 

Materials + Digital Resources

With my resources I will guide you- all you have to do is show up.

Breakthrough Homework Assignments developed to your needs and reflective of your current priorities.

Weekly Email Support to support your Goals, Emotional Processing, and Breakthrough Assignments.

Weekly Organizational and Planning support to anchor your takeaways, goals, and next steps in a committed way.

Facebook Group

Connect with a network of like-minded women who are all sharing in different stages of their journey. Build friendships and support one another in ways the people closest to you often cannot.

Feedback help me reflect on my coaching processes and ensure your needs are being met and you feel safe, supported and our work is meaningful and effective.

Group Coaching

Group coaching brings together a safe conversation space for women who have all made the commitment to Heal, Evolve, and Rediscover.

Our group is a 3 month commitment and is a combination of self led breakthrough homework, internal self discovery accompanied by guided group coaching sessions.

Group coaching provides a supportive community among your peers as well as an opportunity to strengthen your inner work through weekly calls.

We can Identify where you are now, where you want to go, and the easiest, most powerful steps to get you there.


During your no pressure consult, we’ll explore how my services might fit and address your needs. I’ll only take you on if I know I can deliver the results you can see and feel.

Let’s transfer some of your success onto the areas in your life that you have been struggling to gain control over. Start breaking patterns and start your healing journey.

What makes my program unique

It all begins with Love.  Self-love is lasting love. It’s your center, and without it you cannot give to others because you are not fulfilled.  The semicolon indicates when a writer could have ended the sentence but chose not to.  Just as you are the author of you story and it is not ending.

H- Heal from past hurts

E- Evolve into the woman you have been destined to be

R- Rediscover the life in your new purpose