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Lekeshia Angelique


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I am fun, lively, entertaining and thought-provoking. I deliberately challenges your audience. Entertaining stories of my own journey to self love and acceptance lead the audience to their own thinking and conclusions. I serve as an inspirational force, allowing audiences to believe in what is possible.


I am to inspire, engage, and inform, helping people to reach their greatest potential. This is your journey and no one else’s. I faciliate groups on their transformational path to self-love path. I utilize startegies of frequent and ongoing reflections to ensure an evolutionary journey – this path will be a fluid journey adapting and reflecting the progress you are making.


I will help arm you with the tools + practices that you will need to begin to trust yourself again and listen to your intuition. You will carry these practices and tools with you even after we finish our work on this journey. These are lifelong tools to support you in making choices true to yourself and aligned with self love and confidence.

What I can offer

I am Available for all event types, I work with your company to provide valueable tools to build better relationships, improve both your personal and professional life, overcome communication challenges, and organizational assessments/workplace conflict resolution.

With a Diversity Management Certification from Cornell University, I work with your company or organization to improve diversity in the workplace while cultivating cultural awareness.

During your no pressure consult, we’ll explore how my services might fit and address your needs. I’ll only take you on if I know I can deliver the results you can see and feel.

Let’s transfer some of your success onto the areas in your life that you have been struggling to gain control over. Start breaking patterns and start your healing journey.


What makes my speaking unique

As an advocate for women, and army veteran and a mentor for over 20 years, I have decicated my life to helping others. I have developed hugely succuscful workshops, presentations, and  special programs that have touched the lives of thousands of leaders and entreprenuers accross the globe.