“There is a tremendous difference between existing and thriving.”



Lekeshia Angelique 

As an advocate for women, and army veteran and a mentor for over 20 years, I have decicated my life to helping others. I have developed hugely succuscful workshops, presentations, and special programs that have touched the lives of thousands of leaders and entreprenuers accross the globe.

I Faltered

To the outside world, it looked like I had it all together. My friends would look to me for advice and guidance, while my colleagues watched me negotiate million-dollar deals with confidence and prowess. Professionally, I was in peak form. Personally, I was grappling with feelings of humiliation, shame, and deep depression. The part no one could see; the part I hid from everyone, was my pattern of enabling abusive relationships. No one would have ever guessed that I lived in constant fear of my six-figure salary being gambled away by my husband; or that despite my high paying job, there were months I couldn’t keep the lights on. The wreckage of my personal life, meant that no matter what professional successes I experienced, it would never be enough, I would never be enough… I was terrified the rest of the world would find out.

I Rebelled

Something Had to change. I existed, but I was not living. I didn’t recognize the person I had become, perhaps I never knew myself in the first place. I rebelled. I consciously walked away from my farce of a life. I embarked on the journey… afraid of losing everything and terrified of who the “real me” was.

I Chose ME

Confronting the deep insecurities that had manifested over the course of my life was overwhelming. But I knew I had to start only making choices that fed into my goals. I went back to school and obtained my Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. I implemented holistic approaches to my own depression and anxiety, and after years of clinical work with clients, I realized there were so many women JUST LIKE ME. That is when I decided to shift all my energy into helping high achieving women who are suffering reconnect with their feminine energy, and manifest peace and joy they need to feel whole.

I Came Alive

Love H.E.R. Wellness (heal, evolve, rediscover) takes women on an emotional wellness journey to heal from their past and live a purposeful life as the best versions of themselves. This program is a culmination of my clinical expertise, proven gentle healing practices, and my own triumphant story.

What women are saying about Love; H.E.R.

Great listener, always there when I needed her, and gives great advice. Very professional, prompt, educated, experienced, and compassionate. I appreciate the work you are doing to push women to be the best they can be. Hands down, exceptional.

– Shera L.

She’s so inspirational! She not only listened to what I was saying but actually heard me! Her advice was realistic!

– Maria H.

Angelique spent countless hours of coaching me through a very stressful and challenging period. I was able to make it through a demanding work cycle in a position I was not prepared for and came through it a better person with a deeper understanding of what was really important to me in life. Couldn’t have done it without her support.

– Sherrain R.

As a successful business woman, we all go through life’s ups and downs. Through this forum I have learned that I am not the only one and it allows me to talk through whatever may be going on in my life. Sometimes you just need that positive feedback and this has been it for me.

– Jewana H.